Year End Giving 2019

December 27th, 2019 | Community Updates

Generosity empowers faith, hope, love and compassion – in you and for others!

We want to empower hope in our community and beyond. In 2018 we watch God erase our building debt after we raised our giving to 10% so we could give to organizations and ministries outside our church walls in a meaningful way. We put our trust in God, knowing everything we have is His, and everything He has is ours.  At that time we raised our sights and served 1 church plant, 1 international missionary team, and a handful of local non-profits. We also created a Compassion Fund to help local church and community members in need.

In 2019 we followed God’s leading and increased our giving to organizations outside our church walls to 15%. We began serving 4 local non-profits, 2 local church plants and continued serving 1 international missionary team. On top of this 15% in giving we were also able to generously meet the needs of our international missionary team and provide them with $4,000 for two water wells and a playground in their village. Even more than that we were able to catalyze over $50,000 in gifts by jumpstarting one of our church plants giving campaigns with a $10,000 gift after they unexpectedly lost some recurring annual support. God is faithful, all the time, and we get to be a part of what he’s doing!

This year in 2020 we appropriately scaled our giving up to 16%, expecting God to lead us into amazing opportunities for His Kingdom work. We continue to serve Intrepid Church (Gig Harbor), United Church (Lower Queen Anne), West Seattle Helpline (soon to merge with West Seattle Foodbank), White Center Foodbank, Bread of Life Mission, the West Seattle Junction Association and local church members and community members in need. We are also looking forward to partnering with two new international missionary efforts, one in Ethiopia and one in Russia. Stay tuned in 2020 for the fantastic journey God has invited us into. 

Don’t forget to give to West Seattle Christian Church with your Year End Giving. Everything you give makes a tremendous impact for the Kingdom. 

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