We are committed to pouring God’s love and truth into your kids, both on Sunday morning and throughout the week. Our Sunday morning program provides full childcare during our worship service, for nursery through 4th grade. Our team of staff, leaders, parents and volunteers offer age-appropriate programs which aim to:

  • Provide engaging and nurturing environments with activities, stories where children can learn what it looks like to be lifelong followers of Jesus and allow them learn and grow in the love and knowledge of God’s scriptures.
  • Encourage and equip children to be servants of Christ in our church and our community.
  • Connect families with the purpose of deepening relationships and fostering a sense of community.
  • Our children’s program on Sunday morning is created to focus on the spiritual and educational development of children from Nursery to 4th grade.


We have a Family Care Room that has recently been renovated and updated. Parents, this space is available throughout worship if you need a quiet place to care for your child, or just give them extra some space to move around. The care room as at the end of the hall (on the left) in our Kid City ministry area.


  • FRIENDSHIPSWe value meaningful relationships and create opportunities for your child to connect with leaders and other children.
  • FUNKids’ City is a fun place to be! Your child will learn about Jesus through play, storytelling, crafts, activities, and worship.
  • SNACKS: We rarely have snacks in our classes, so if you think they’ll be getting the hunger crankies as high noon approaches, please feed them something before.
  • BATHROOMS: We don’t change diapers or assist kids in the bathroom, though we do get parents if this is needed during class. You can help minimize distractions by changing or taking them right before class.
  • WORSHIP: If your kids would rather stay with you during worship, they are welcome!


  •  Our teachers are all screened (nation-wide, every year) and children are checked in and out through our secure system, so parents may relax and enjoy the Sunday morning service.
  • The entrances, exits, hallways and classrooms of our KID CITY ministry area are under continuous 24-hour video surveillance.


Partner with us and make a difference in the life of a child.