Podcast – Grow In Christ: Tovah Or Ra’ah?

November 28th, 2021 | Barry Swindon

Have you ever been frustrated while driving? Traffic jam? Idiotic driver in front of you? Behind you? All around you? Today we’re going to talk about the assumptions we make about other people; the value judgments we make and place on others because we assume we know what’s going on in their life or because we don’t approve of their actions. The question is, is that your job? And what does this have to do with how you view the world? What lenses do you put on that allow you to see the world in a particular way? Why isn’t our default outlook based on assuming that everyone else is doing the best they can…instead of the worst? And how much energy to you spend on trying to control things that are outside of your control? Last, but most importantly, have you ever thought Jesus had something to say about this? Well…he does.