Kids City + Middle School | November 15th

November 9th, 2020 | Community Updates

Dear parents of elementary and middle school kids, we want to help you with the discipleship and Christian education of your kids by walking with you in that journey and providing the following resources from The Meeting House church in Ontario, Canada. The Meeting House provides these materials free of charge as a help to other churches and families around the world. If you want you can create your own Meeting House account here. Below you will find video links for elementary and middle school lessons, as well as downloadable PDF files that you can print at home. The previous week’s curriculum can be found here.

We realize also, that watching something else on a screen might be too much for your kids (and you!). If that’s the case, we recommend reading the Bible together as a family and discussing what you read. CONTACT US if you’d like more specific ideas on how to do this or where to start.

Kids City Elementary Lesson

DOWNLOAD | November Kids Materials (from The Meeting House)

Middle School Lesson

DOWNLOAD | November Middle School Materials (from The Meeting House)

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