Summer Memory Verse Challenge

July 5th, 2019 | Community Updates

Even though our Kids’ City and Student Ministries programs are taking a break on Sunday mornings this summer, we’re still working on spiritual formation through serving (Donuts for White Center Food Bank) and scripture memorization.

Students, the way this works is you can earn prizes for each scripture that you memorize and recite (including the citation, e.g. chapter and verse) to an adult leader on Sundays or throughout the week. We will keep track of the verses that you have correctly recited.

You can earn a Level 1 Prize for each individual verse you recite from memory. You can earn a Level 2 Prize after completing your first 5 verses from memory. Level 2 Prizes are awarded after 10 and 15 verses are completed. Level 3 Prizes are awarded after completing all 17 verses from memory.

As an added incentive, we will have a big party at an undisclosed restaurant location at the end of the summer for all those who participate!


Memory verse flash cards are available on Sunday mornings. Just ask a leader for them!

Here is a visual of some of the prizes (some top tier prizes are not shown below) you can earn throughout the summer.

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