Online Worship for Sunday, June 7th

June 5th, 2020 | Community Updates

If you’re new, welcome! If not, welcome back! You can view and participate in our weekly worship service for Sunday, June 7th above. Normally with late spring and early summer weather in the mix we’d be enjoying laughs, food and drink in the church lobby and hanging out and catching up on the porch before and after service. We’re longing to get back to those times, but we still don’t have a plan for physical gatherings due to the guidance of the governmental phases in Washington. When we do have a change of plans, we’ll be sure to let you know right away!

Especially if you’re new with us, we know this is a very different way to worship Jesus (or even learn about Jesus for the first time), but we hope it will bring clarity and encouragement to you. It might be a little strange, but please do your best to prepare your heart and sing the worship along with the video. You may also want to prepare some juice/wine and bread for the directed meditation for our time of Communion after the message.

FACEBOOK WATCH PARTIES: The service will be posted on the church Facebook Page. If you would like to, we encourage you to host your own Watch Party on Facebook and invite a few folks who maybe haven’t been to church in awhile or who you think might be curious about Jesus.

Online Worship