Online Worship for Sunday, June 21st

June 19th, 2020 | Community Updates

This week Worth introduces us to the idea of “Walking the Path” of Jesus. We know it’s tempting for some to skip over the worship song portion of the service and jump straight to the message. For others it’s the exact opposite. For still others it’s a bit harder to stick around until the communion mediation. In this new reality where you can “hit pause” and “scroll through” to your desired part of the online worship experience, please do your best to lean into participating in the whole thing. If you do nothing else, and you’re believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, make sure you participate in communion as best you can.

This week’s communion mediation is a special treat, because it’s direct from Craig Fowler in Mojo, Ethiopia…yep, you heard that right…Mojo! You can view and participate in our weekly worship service for Sunday, June 21st¬†above. If you feel so inclined, you can also host a Watch Party on Facebook, where you’ll find the sermon Premiere available on Sunday morning.


We have officially entered into Phase 2 in King County as of today (June 19th). This will mean some different things for us in the near future where we may be able to hold micro-gatherings. We are still not planning on having Sunday Worship in person for many more weeks until we come up with a good plan. Again, we’re communicating with other churches in the area and following the government guidance we have been given. The list of requirements to re-open for Sunday morning is five pages long and take a lot of work. With reduced attendance because of spacial distancing, no singing, some difficult hoops to jump through for communion, no handshaking, etc, our leadership thinks it is better to keep reducing the risk of C-19 and¬†stay online for the time being. Hang in there everybody!


Online Worship