Mission, Vision and Guiding Values

April 3rd, 2019 | Worth Wheeler

Over the last ten weeks we have been charting a course though the new Mission and Vision of our church. Our teachings have centered on the person of Jesus and his actions with the first community of disciples. Everything we have covered initiates from Jesus as our prototype for being and doing in the world, together as a church and individually as followers.

Our approach has been to sit with the basic questions of who, what, why, when, how, where…when it comes to being who Jesus says we can be as a church and also when it comes to what we do. With that in mind, we came to the conclusion that every practice and/or program we initiate must fit our particular purpose…our purpose is what we live for.

Our Purpose: We exist to reach the world for Jesus…one person at a time.

Our Mission: We pursue, model and teach discipleship to Jesus in Christian community, so we can do the things Jesus did for the reasons that he did them.

Using the helpful organizational leadership paradigm of the Vision Window, our teaching series covered: Purpose & Direction, Mission, Values, Rhythms + Practices, and Vision.

If you missed the series or are new to our community, we encourage you to listen back through the teaching series at your own pace. One of our main goals as a church is that everyone who is committed to following Jesus in and with our community faith will strive to “row in the same direction” when it comes to the vision God has given us in our little corner of the world, West Seattle.

Teaching 1: A Vision of the Future

Teaching 2: Staying on Mission

Teaching 3: Our Values

Teaching 4: Rhythms and Practices

Teaching 5: Time for Rehearsal

Teaching 6: You Belong Here

Teaching 7: Life Together

Teaching 8: How to Sabbath

Teaching 9: Living with Margin

Teaching 10: Vocation

Guiding Values, Mission, Vision