Worth became Lead Pastor of West Seattle Christian Church in 2016. He and his wife, Beth, have been through thick and thin together for 22 years! They have two fantastic kids, Isaiah and Gwendolyn. After a two-year stint at Arizona State University, Worth gained a BA in Intercultural Studies from Hope International University, and his MDiv from Emmanuel Christian Seminary. In his free time he enjoys dates with Beth and time with his kids, traveling, fly fishing, reading, camping, and spending time with friends, preferably while enjoying good food and drink. Worth is a board member alumnus of the West Seattle Junction Association. Nearly every Saturday morning he can be found making special Belgian waffles for the fam!

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I am a student at Lincoln Christian University studying Business Administration. I was adopted from Ethiopia Africa at the age of 9. My hobbies include spending time with friends, playing volleyball, listening to podcasts, and reading. I am a certified young adults life coach and content creator. I started a YouTube channel a couple years ago. Through my channel I help young adults navigate the many ups and downs of life. As a content creator I have realized the power of social media is absolutely endless. Which is why I want to use my skills to help churches share their message.

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Beth wants the church family to feel connected and rooted, both to each other and to our west Seattle community. She has a vision to help kids and adults become lifelong disciples of Jesus by continually learning and growing. Helping new families get established in our neighborhood is something she is also passionate about. She moved to West Seattle six years ago with two young children and knows it can be difficult to settle in to a new community. Beth has been in ministry for over 20 years, both prior to getting married and then alongside her husband, Worth. In this time she has filled countless roles in the church. Beth is a pastor’s kid, a pastor’s wife, and a pastor herself! Her favorite books of all time are Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo and Holy the Firm by Annie Dillard. She loves kids and animals, likes to paint, and is a pretty fierce miniature golf player. 

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John and his wife, Andrea, have lived in West Seattle since 1989, moving here from San Francisco where they first met while serving together as youth group leaders at the church that Andrea grew up in.  John loves reading about a wide range of subjects, but has a particular love for anything to do with history.  As church treasurer, he enjoys the task of helping to manage the resources that God has entrusted our congregation with.  He met Alex Trebek a few decades ago, after winning third place in a Jeopardy! game.


Daris first attended West Seattle Christian Church in the spring of 1981. Her children attended preschool through eighth grade at West Seattle Christian School, where in the spring of 1999 she chaperoned the eighth grade class mission trip to Chicago. The goal on that trip was to serve wherever needed. The group fed the homeless, cleaned, cooked, and also saw the Cubs win a great ball game on a cold windy night. While watching the Cubs game Daris had a hard time focusing on the game, after seeing so much poverty and despair. Upon returning home she started volunteering at a woman’s shelter to try and make a small difference! Daris spends as much time as she can with her two grandsons who insist she learn how to play Minecraft. She usually brings her portable DVD player with her and they rock to the oldies and end their time together by reading, making up stories or going to the playground. After that…Daris enjoys the fine art of napping!



Barry is a Mancunian, i.e. somebody who was born and “dragged up” in the northwestern city of Manchester, England. London provided him with a huge dose of “worldly” reality during a fifteen-year long career in the advertising industry. Leaving London in 1995, he worked for two international design companies. Following a heart-breaking trip to Uganda where he witnessed extreme poverty, Barry joined World Vision as its Creative Director. He and his wife, Leah have been members at WSCC for over ten years. Barry enjoys road cycling, yoga and martial arts. Once he was a vegetarian for 20 years, but he’s not that crazy these days.