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Kids Are Welcome Here

September 15th, 2018 | Worth Wheeler

We encourage children of all ages to participate in our worship gathering. Here are a few ideas to help your child connect with what’s happening during our worship time together:


Explain to kids that we are going to pray, sing, and worship God together. Build expectation that the time we spend in worship is special.


Before the songs begin, someone will say that worship is beginning and will often start with a scripture reading and prayer. Even the youngest children can become aware of God’s presence. Right before this time, invite them to take a deep breath, still themselves, and sense that God is with us.


Encourage kids to sing along or respond to the music with their bodies by dancing.


Kids can help pass the baskets or even begin learning to give back to God by placing some money in.


Invite children to listen for events they might want to participate in.


If your child is more comfortable staying with you, activity kits are available on the kids’ info table. Encourage your child to take their own notes, or draw picture notes. Help them listen for main ideas.


Throughout the prayers before and after Communion, explain to your children what the bread and wine symbolizes. Ask them to tell Jesus thank you for his sacrifice for us. Children are welcome to participate in Eucharist with their families. This time can also be used for confession. Kids older than infants know what it means to say they’re sorry. Before or after participating in communion, you can tell children that confession is when we all tell God we’re sorry for the things we’ve done to hurt God and other people.


Now is when kids can sense it’s almost time to go. We’re being sent into the world with the love of Jesus!