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Digital Happy Hour: May 15th

May 9th, 2020 | Community Updates

We believe in relationships. We believe in the power of community, in face-to-face connections, in learning from others, in knowing others and being known; that together we can do what cannot be done alone…especially in this season of pandemic and isolation. We know that many of you are dialing into work daily, doing tons of web conferences and virtual meetings…and that’s NOT what this space is for. This is a place for us to laugh, to talk, to share, to stay connected.

Join our hosts, Donna Austin and Mark Reinhardt on Friday, May 15thto live out a part of our values: Do This Together!  You can look forward to good conversation, trivia and other social games in the future. Dinner, drinks and appetizers are optional, but an appetite for fun and comraderie is a must!

Meeting ID: 771 380 4287
Password: 092761

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