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3rd Annual Dessert Bakeoff

September 13th, 2019 | Community Updates

It’s that time again! Our 3rd Annual Dessert Bakeoff is next Sunday, September 22nd right after worship. Dust off your old cookbooks and bring back something nobody has tasted in ages…or, scour the interwebs to find that extra special, extremely scrumptious dessert that’s gone viral. Either way, our church family is going to have a sweeeeeeeeeet time! Who will go home the winners? Oh, and did we mention that this year there’s a Kids Dessert Contest Division too?! Happy Baking!

Please note that the church is providing the main course for lunch, drinks, and a few sides. We would love it if you and/or your family would provide a side dishor two to share…besides desserts of course!

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