They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts… Acts 2v46

We all want deeper community—even if that’s not the word we use for it.

We want friends to hang out with.

We want places where we can be ourselves.

We want to people around us who challenge us to grow.

Kinfolk Groups are your opportunity to help build this kind of community.

Groups are available each week throughout West Seattle.

We hope to see these new groups grow into “families on mission.”

These groups are the starting point for relationships that push us UP to grow in our relationship with God, IN to grow closer together and OUT to serve the world.


  • Alaska Junction | Hosted by the Swindons | 1st + 3rd Mondays @ 6:30pm | Starting 9/16/19
  • North Delridge | Hosted by the Twitchells | 2nd + 4th Fridays @ 7:00pm | Starting 9/27/19
  • Genesee | Hosted by the Wheelers | 1st + 3rd Thursdays @ 6:00pm | Starting 9/19/19

Interested in Hosting a Group? Let us know.

Please fill out the form below to express interest to the facilitator of the group that works best for you.