Racial Justice

The Conversation We Need to Keep Having

“The call to take up an anti-racist Christian identity is really just a call to be a Christian.”

Dr. Sheila Caldwell

We are increasingly convicted that, for white Christians in America today, an inescapable implication of believing the gospel is to actively repent of and resist the systemic racism that has plagued our country for 400 years. Part of that is doing the hard work of living out in real, concrete actions our core belief that all human beings are created in the image of God. In terms of repentance, another part of this ongoing work is to unlearn what we thought we understood about the history of racism and the way it works today. Here are some resources to equip you to begin practicing anti-racism:

Learning from Black Perspectives

While we have created a list of resources below (starting with the Movies section), the link immediately following this paragraph offers a great starting point of age-appropriate media (readings and films). You can also support the black community by purchasing these resources from black-owned online bookstores.


Family Resources

Online Resources