West Seattle Christian Church is committed to creating environments that are as safe as possible for you and your family. Our most current update is that we are going to pause any regathering plans through the winter months of 2021 due to the increasing infection rates of COVID-19.  We’ll look at the possibility of some time in spring as a time to regather, though this is subject to change. As that date gets closer, we will provide additional updates through email, on our social channels and on our website.

Our decisions on what to do are based on information from the Public Health Recommendations provided by the State of Washington (specifically King County) and local medical professionals. Schools, corporations, government agencies and other non-profit organizations like WSCC are taking precautionary steps in an effort to care for others and help reduce the spread of the virus.

Until such time as we can gather, we will continue to hold online worship services which can be found on our BLOG, Vimeo Channel and our Facebook Page.

As a reminder, just because we don’t gather physically at our campus, we have not cancelled church. Our church is not a building; WE are the church.


It’s imperative we all remain connected and engaged in community, even though we need to be a little creative in how we do it. WSCC will continue to meet online until we’re able to meet again at our physical locations. Be sure to join us for one of our Online Worship gatherings.


During this crisis, we keep hearing the term “social distancing” – but in reality, it’s physical distancing that we need to keep in mind. Now, more than ever, we cannot be disconnected from people socially. We will never grow in our faith that way, and it’s not how God designed us. We were designed to be in community, and there’s never been an easier or more important time to connect with others. Join a group now at


We have an incredible opportunity right now; an opportunity to share our faith like never before. People everywhere are searching for comfort, peace, and hope. While some may respond in fear, let’s continue to respond with faith. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo and share the hope you have in Jesus!


We’ll continue to update you here as well as through email. Make sure to check in often so that you receive new information as soon as it’s available.


Under the Washington State “stay at home” guidelines, social distancing of 6 feet per person or more is expected. Likewise, all in-person gatherings are prohibited for the sake of the heightened risk of spreading COVID-19. We desire to do everything we can to encourage the health and welfare of our city and world wherever possible, To also empower deep faith and community care in this moment.


If you have been diagnosed with novel coronavirus, asked to self quarantine, or are part of a vulnerable group where social distancing has been recommended, we want to help support you in this time of need. Whether it be through prayer, delivering meals, running errands, picking up kids, or meeting financial needs, we want to help. Your name will not be made public and this will only be used to help meet the needs you may have if you are affected. We have a growing team that is ready to help.

Email us to let us know how you have been impacted by novel coronavirus (COVID-19). A member of our team will reach out with further resources. Your name will be kept confidential and this will only be used to help meet your needs as we are able.

Email us:


For now, we are limiting the meetings of our Kinfolk Groups to digital online gatherings. If you are in a small group, you should be hearing from your leaders soon about updates and guidelines for meetings moving forward.

If you are not in a small group, we encourage you to join in small micro-groups with others at WSCC on Sundays for our Online Worship Gathering and growing in Jesus’ love together. We encourage you to break in to groups of 10 or less throughout West Seattle and to go deeper together in friendship and contending in prayer for our city and world in this critical moment.



In this time, we encourage you to engage our city as a non-anxious presence, lead out of faith in the midsts of fear, pray for our community, city, nation and the world, and practice radical generosity in the midst of uncertainty. We are shifting many of our resources to begin caring for the needs of our community during this time. Please consider giving below for the redistribution of funds to meet needs and serve neighbors as we are able.

To see our philosophy on giving, how we’re doing financially and what we do with funds given, see our Giving Page Here.

To give directly right now click the button below.


We will be monitoring the situation closely and will make a determination about each following Sunday as the weeks progress. However, we do anticipate that this will last for several weeks.

We will be working to create spaces for prayer and intercession that we will be sending out through our Weekly News newsletter and on our website and other communication channels. We are also going to be sending out encouragements to families that will include prayers/practices for encouraging your kids to connect with Jesus in this moment.

Keep checking our BLOG for more resources!


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  • Call the Communicable Disease Control Program at 206-418-5500 (24 hours)
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